HeadBox - Funding only

HeadBox’s vision is to re-invent the events industry through technology.
As the first UK SaaS enabled market place for inspiring meeting, off-site and event spaces that links Corporate and SME guests directly with host venues the online platform cuts out the "middle man" allowing for fast, direct and hassle-free bookings for work related events from workshops, brainstorms, meet-ups and product launches to company meetings and get-togethers, research, training, media, production, photography shoots and other off-site business functions.
The HeadBox platform and its software enables hosts to unlock revenue from under-utilised spaces, while at the same time allowing guests to find, book and pay for a much wider variety of amazing, untapped spaces and to do this also where they least expect to find them.
Having now raised £4.2M in funding, HeadBox has received strong endorsement from a wide range of shareholders bringing decades of experience in the areas of hospitality, software & technology, social and digital marketing, PR and private equity to the HeadBox cause.