Kudos - Small Investment

Kudos was developed to help researchers ensure their publications get found, read and cited in a world of information overload. 

Founded in 2013 by three publishing and technology professionals, Kudos has gone from strength to strength, winning major industry prizes for innovation. Today, Kudos is used by researchers all over the world to build global readership and attention for their work. 

Kudos works with publishers, universities, corporations, funders, metrics-providers and other intermediaries to help aggregate efforts around researchers to build impact for their work. By doing so we help strengthen partnerships between researchers and their affiliated organizations and other service-providers.

Kudos is the only platform dedicated to dissemination across the multiple networks and channels available to researchers for sharing information about their work. We are also the only platform that aggregates all the most relevant metrics about that work in one place, and maps outreach activities against those metrics. A recent study has shown that explaining and sharing via Kudos takes on average 10 minutes and leads to 23% higher growth in full-text downloads. 

We are independent and let results speak for themselves - through Kudos researchers, and the organisations that support them, can determine where and how to spend their time to best effect.